10 Best Travel Channels on YouTube

10 Best Travel Channels on YouTube

We are living in a digital age where the internet has become an integral part of our lives. The growth of social media platforms has made communication and interaction with people all over the world very simple, and YouTube has not been left behind.

YouTube has become a game changer in the world of content creation, especially in travel content.

There are several travelling YouTube channels or vlogs that solely post content about exploring the world.

These travel vlogs offer a thrilling glimpse into the world of adventure and travel.

By just watching these travel vlogs in your home, you can be motivated to plan for your next trip.

Below are the 10 best travel channels on YouTube that can motivate you to get out there, explore the world, and enjoy every bit of it.

Fearless & Far

If you would like to explore the weird, bizarre, and extreme sides of the world through your screen, then this is the channel for you.

The channel is owned and run by Mike Corey and it focuses on showing us wonderful yet weird destinations, places that are not shown by many YouTube travel bloggers.

Just watching the videos, you will be encouraged to face your fears and get to see the other fantastic and fascinating parts of the world.

The channel has a huge subscription of 1.26 million subscribers and has 278 videos uploaded.

If you are looking to see action-packed adventures which are unique and wild, then this is one of the best travel YouTubers you should subscribe to.

Drew Binsky

Here is a travel YouTuber whose focus is to discover, experience, and explore different countries, people and cultures.

This vlogger is very skilled in storytelling about his experiences and interacting with people of different cultures and this has given him his large subscription number of 3.26 million people to his channel.

The content he offers is unique, and he has uploaded 976 videos on his channel and they are all exciting enough to spark adventure in the viewers.

Getting Stamped

This channel is run by Adam and Hanna, a couple who travel to various exotic destinations, highlighting the beautiful beaches around the world and the culture.

They know how to tell their stories through their videos, which are excellently taken and edited.

The channel has a following of about 9k subscribers and has 58 videos of the different exotic beaches and islands they have travelled to.

Wolter’s World

This is the YouTube channel to look for if you are looking to get sincere and honest travel advice. For this channel, it’s not just about showing the places but giving valuable information.

The channel is owned and run by Mark and Jocelyn, accompanied by their two children, documenting the exciting adventures of travelling all over the world.

If you are looking forward to travelling to a certain place, just check them out, as they will tell you the good and the bad, ensuring you are well prepared.

The channel has 895K subscribers with 2169 videos uploaded.

Lost LeBlanc

This is one passionate adventurer and you can see his love for travelling the world in how he makes his content.

If you are looking for hiking spots in various parts of the world, this is the channel to watch.

With this great content, the channel has amassed a huge following of 2.01 million subscribers, with 768 videos uploaded.

His videos have ignited a movement of people who like to seek adventure as he does and it is quickly growing.

Ben Brown

If you are looking for quality content that revolves around adrenaline-filled activities such as hiking, motorbiking, and skiing, then this is the channel for you.

From the quality productions he uploads, one can tell he has invested a lot to inform his fans about the beautiful places in the world. He is also a captivating storyteller that will leave you planning for trips.

The channel has a big following of 649k subscribers with 1282 videos uploaded.

You, Me & the RV

This is one of the best channels to watch if you want inspiration to start RVing all over.

The channel is run by navy veterans Phil and Stacy as they bring life on the road to our screens.

One thing that stands out in their videos is the positivity they bring with humour and a lot of sarcasm, even when things are not going okay.

They advise about everything RVing from RV maintenance to various places one can visit or explore.

The channel has 156k subscribers with 265 videos uploaded.

The Planet D

The life of this adventurous couple, Dave and Deb, is the envy of everyone. They have been married for over 20 years and to get more out of life, decided to travel around the world.

The couple had set up a goal to travel to over 100 countries, a goal they have already accomplished and are still adding more to their adventures.

They are very inspirational and encourage people to travel and see the beautiful world we live in.

The channel has 57k subscribers with 429 videos uploaded.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Have you ever wondered what life on the open seas and oceans feels like but you have never had the chance to experience it by yourself?

Get that inspiration by watching Elayna and Riley, who defied all odds and started sailing the ocean with no experience.

This couple live on a boat and sail into the sunset daily, probably everyone’s fantasy.

The channel has exciting videos about life out there on the ocean and provides various advice that is helpful to those who want to sail.

The channel has a huge following of 1.7 million subscribers with 494 videos uploaded.

Hedvig Vessel

Run by former Olympic skier Hedvig Vessel, the channel provides helpful information about life on the ice.

The channel also highlights Hedvig Vessel’s experience and adventures as she tours various mountains in search of excitement and the adrenaline rush.

She focuses not only on skiing, but she also has great exciting stories about her adventures that will awaken your need for adventure.

Her channel has a following of 12.3k subscribers with 74 videos uploaded and is growing rapidly.

We have listed just 10 of what we feel are the best travel channels on YouTube, however, there are many Youtube travel vloggers and travelling channels out there.

YouTube has become one of the best platforms for travel content creators.

Hopefully, the content, video editing and storytelling from these best travel YouTube channels are something that will inspire you to start your adventure and enjoy the world, and maybe one day you will start your own travel YouTube channel.

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