A Guide to Bareboat Yacht Charters

A Guide to Bareboat Yacht Charters

Bareboat Yacht Charters are the most independent way to enjoy a vacation.

In recent years, even before the covid-19 pandemic, there was a visible sway towards independent travel arrangements and away from the usual package deals.

Chartering a private yacht was always a very independent choice away from scheduled bookings and bareboat rentals are at the top of the game.

This is where you can enjoy total escapism, independence and relaxation away from any formalities.  Once you have picked up a boat at the marina and done the formalities around checking your licence, taking over the boat and registering guests on the crew lists, you are literally free to go wherever your heart pleases. 

Coastal sailing may not be anyone’s idea of escapism, but in a location where there are dozens or even hundreds of islands, say the Bahamas or Exumas, Virgin Islands or just Greek islands and those within the National Park Kornati in Croatia, you are as free as you wish to be. 

Island hopping, anchoring where your heart pleases, staying overnight in a different location every 24hrs and waking up to a new window view and vistas only your heart desires, is the dream come through moment for every soul. 

Your children can jump into the calm waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, you can snorkel in crystal clear waters of many a beach or bay, a barbeque can be made on the aft deck or flybridge of your yacht or you can dine in a local fish restaurant that serves fresh catch of the day.   

When you retire, you can watch a movie as solar panels, generators and inverters on board allow you to live independently with power on backup and available even in the most remote locations you may end up on any given day. WiFi is also on offer in the vast majority of locations, some bigger yachts even carrying StarLink as the latest gadget, ensuring top internet access wherever you go and wish to work while sailing too.

Bareboat charter yachts available for rental:

As far as the choice of yachts, you can hire a catamaran as big as 54ft on a bareboat basis. BALI 5.4 or Lagoon 52s are readily available for independent catamaran rentals in many Mediterranean and East Caribbean yacht charter destinations.

When it comes to monohulls, yachts such as JEANNEAU 64, Oceanis 62, Jeanneau 57, Beneteau First 53 or many other 55-65ft yachts can also be arranged on a bareboat basis. In terms of smallest boats, monohulls are available from around 30ft, although in recent years charter fleets get only yachts that are 36ft or bigger. 

The smallest bareboat sailing catamaran is around 38ft and boats such as Lagoon 39 come to mind, although Mahe 36 models are still available in some locations too.  The most popular bareboat yachts are however Lagoon 42, Astrea 42 and Lagoon 46 amongst catamarans, while amongst the sailing yachts are models from Dufour, such as Dufour 412 or Beneteau, such as Oceanis 46.1. 

Other brands include Hanse, Jeanneau, Bavaria and a few other manufacturers such as X-Yachts with 65 being the largest one but on a skippered basis. 

The most recent addition is a unique UPWIND 50 catamaran, which is usually only chartered with an obligatory skipper, yet is made as one of the most eco-friendly sailing boats around with huge solar panels set up and a large battery.  

Upwind 50 is probably the most affordable 50ft sailing catamaran in the world at this very moment too, even when skipper rates are added on top. Bareboat motor yachts and powerboats are mainly available in the Mediterranean and include yachts such as Sunseeker 65 or Azimut, Elan and Ferretti’s. 

A full list of powerboats is available on request on a destination-per-destination basis and a few power catamarans from 37-48ft are also available for bareboat yacht charters.

UPWIND 50 catamaran

Destinations and itineraries on offer when chartering a yachting bareboat:

The most popular sailing destinations for bareboat charters are in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. A few yachts are also available as far as Tahiti and New Caledonia in the South Pacific, in the Indian Ocean and mainly around Seychelles or South East Asia between Thailand and Malaysia. A number of yachts are also sprayed across the Atlantic, in the Canary Islands, Portugal, Azores, Brazil. 

Finally, as we offer transatlantic yacht charters and long-term charters including cross-country sailing, you can hire some of the boats between different yachting destinations and up to a number of months for your sabbatical holidays.  

The most popular itineraries are in the British Virgin Islands and the Grenadines in the Caribbean or alongside the Adriatic coast in Croatia and Greek islands in the East Mediterranean. West Mediterranean locations attracting most bareboat yacht charter parties are around North East Sardinia and South Corsica, in Sicily around the Aeolian Islands, in the Balearics archipelago of Spain and near Naples within the Amalfi coast. 

Bareboat yacht charter rates:

Yacht charter rates start from as low as 1,000 Eur off–season and on the smallest 30ft monohulls, and can go as high as 40,000 Eur during the peak of the seasons on the largest and most luxurious yachts such as Sunseeker Predator 65. Average rates on catamarans tend to be around 7,500 Eur/week and on monohulls around 3,000 Eur per week.

Most charter companies are adding a few obligatory extras though, thus in most cases, you will need to plan with additional costs for cleaning, transit logs, bed linen, outboard or some water toys and early check-ins up to 300 – 650 Eur. A typical 45ft catamaran during the peak of the season is likely to cost around 10,000 Eur/week while a monohull of around 45ft is likely to cost around 5,000 Eur/week plus any extras. 

Long-term bareboat charter rates are available only on special requests and transatlantic yacht charter rates on a bareboat basis usually start at around 10,000 Eur although most boats tend to charter 15,000 – 20,000 Eur at the moment.

Arranging bareboat yacht charters:

In order to charter a yacht on a bareboat or skippered yacht charter basis, contact A2A YACHTING

A2A YACHTING would simply need to know your general charter plans such as preferred dates, model or maximum budget and location.

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